Dangerous Beans

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Why I'm Afraid of Bees (Goosebumps, #17) - R.L. Stine

When my family sat down in the dining room for dinner, my father noticed my banged-up face.
“Gary!” he exclaimed. “What in the world happened to you?”


My mother shook her head angrily. “Well, I think that’s just outrageous!” she said. “I have a good mind to call those boys’ parents up right now and give them a piece of my mind!”


What's that?!  It doesn't say, "My mother cackled madly, called me a loser, and then spit in my dinner for good effect.  Later, dad chained me outside, in below zero temperatures, while my parents and sister stood in the window and pointed and laughed at me"?  SHOCKING, I say.