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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

Sam glared at him. “He can’t talk to you like that.”

“My title is worth very little here, Sam. He doesn’t care who I am, and he can speak to me however he likes. You getting angry is just going to make him all the more obnoxious or, worse, get you locked up, as well.”

“I’d like to see the bounder try.” There was a gleam in Sam’s dark eyes that usually meant trouble.

Exasperated, Griffin let go of the larger boy’s arm. “That would be a great plan if we knew for certain Jasper was here— and that he was innocent."


If only Cross could keep it straight about who thinks what about what.


Fuck off, Sam.  Goddamnit I was proud you were the only one not lured into their bullshit.  After remembering that, hey, Griffin probably wouldn't get his way if he bounded in and demanded they let Jasper go, why are you suddenly so pissed that, shocker, Americans don't give a shit that Griffin is a DUKE?


And fuck you, Griffin, for talking about, "it'd be a great plan for you to go and knock those guards around with your super strength, LULZ REGULAR PEOPLE!!!"