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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

the Duke of Greythorne [Location 1608]


#le sign


“Can I help you with those, miss?” [Jasper] asked as he walked toward her. [Location 1616]


Is Jasper locked up or not?  The text prior to this chapter made it sound like Dalton's had Jasper on a very short leash from the moment he found and beat him up.  Now Jasper's walking around the house, unsupervised?


Also another paragraph to talk about how much I'm sick of the text going, "Finley's so strong!"  WE FUCKING KNOW.  Calm down.


It was all Jasper could do not to stare at her in openmouthed amazement. He knew for a fact that this was a lie— Finley’s father had died before she was born—but his mind wanted to accept it as truth from the simple, sincere way she’d delivered it. [Location 1624]


For God sake, lying is not that impressive.  The "sincere way she'd delivered it"?  Call it what it actually is, Cross; Jasper wants to fuck Finley too.  The Mary Sue can never have enough Mary Suetors.


Jasper didn’t bother to wait for him but went outside to sit on the steps. [Location 1633]


So, what's to honestly stop him from just leaving the property and not coming back?  Besides Mei who's obvs in cahoots with Dalton?