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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

There was no way to get the collar off her—the fear in her eyes when she spoke of it was enough for him. He could only imagine how it felt when the thing began to tighten, [Location 1641]


It'd be nice to see someone else touch the collar and show it's effects, but I'm hoping for too much at this point.  I smell a fake, considering how many times she and Jasper have laid around together and cuddled.


Since being exposed to the Organites Griffin’s grandfather had found, Jasper doubted anyone could beat him in a gunfight. He was faster than a blink. [Location 1649]


And yet he's still not putting that speed to any type of use?


He smiled in a way that reminded Jasper of a shark. [Location 1657]


OMG, STFU with this shark allusion.  Stop, literally just halt with it cause I'm so tired of seeing this every time Dalton smiles at someone.


There’s only one more piece to get after we collect this one.” [Location 1665]


Two nights before this, at the Fight club, Jasper claimed that that was the first piece and that, after that there were "half a dozen [give or take] pieces" left to collect.  Now it's apparently three?