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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

Opening her mouth to call the other girl mad, Finley hesitated. Now was not the time to be a smart-arse or glib. [Location 1806]


If only she could figure that out when it actually mattered in the story...


Besides, she felt that way about Lydia Astor-Prynn, the girl whom she had learned over breakfast was hoping to snag Griffin. “Yes.” [Location 1815]


Oh, God, Finley, I hope you die in the most painful away imaginable.  You know literally nothing about Lydia except her name and that she's interest in Griffin, WHO YOU HAVE NOT BEEN REMOTELY OPEN ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS WITH.


Mei might be pretty and the reason Jasper was in this mess, but that didn’t mean she was evil. [Location 1823]


But being pretty and a chance to come between you and Griffin is the reason Lydia is evil?


The girl had hands like hers—hands that worked and fought, hands that Lydia Astor-Prynn would probably cringe at. [Location 1823]




On the way back to the carriage people stood aside, lining the street as they passed. They didn’t speak or make any sound. They simply watched—a fact that unnerved Finley. It was awfully creepy to be stared at—like they were a funeral procession. But maybe they knew something Finley and Jasper didn’t.

Like perhaps this mess they had gotten into—with strange machines, exotic girls and dangerous criminals—might actually be too much for either of them to escape. [Location 1831]

God, more than likely they were curious about all the fucking noise in their goddamn neighborhood they may be stereotypical fighting Irish, but they explicitly mentioned in the beginning that they did not like trouble in their neighborhood.


(Since Finley has joined what was once my favorite part of the narrative, I'm hoping that Griffin's part will now allow me to unwind from all my anger at Finley's stupid Mary Sue ass.)


Even ghosts had their place in the scientific realm—the Aether was the one place he believed the spiritual and the mathematical met. [Location 1832]


Considering the fact that the author has relentlessly described it as "idrk ghosts?!" naw, honey, I don't think that's what that is.


But even he wanted to puncture his own eardrums after an hour of listening to Emily and Nikola Tesla chatter [Location 1832]


I'm sure Tesla just allowed a random teenager in and started talking to her about electronics... yeah...


(I'm not quoting the rest of this because I can believe the author put in real people fanfic about Nicola fucking Tesla being impressed with her idea of ~organites~)