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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

Finley’s face swam in his mind. If he could hold on to the thought of her, he just might live. She just might keep death away. [Location 1945]




and then Dalton had absconded with the mechanical piece Jasper had given him, without a comment to either about their well-being.

She was beginning to think that for all the criminal’s charm and good looks, he was a top-class arse. [Location 1945]


He didn't ask after Mary Sue, so ofc he's the worst of the worst.


It was obvious [Mei] didn’t like her, was jealous of her. [...] The girl was a proper cow.  Never mind that she needed something to do so she wouldn’t actually backhand Mei. [Location 1954]


Die in the hottest fire imaginable, Mary Sue.


but she had to admit—and only to herself—that it hurt almost as much as it pissed her off. [Location 1954]


I know this is a YA book and thus my rants are lost on it but TALK TO HER.  Stop acting like Mei needs to magically fix whatever problem you believe she has with you.


She walked up behind the man, grabbed him by the arm and slammed him face-first into the wall, twisting in a manner that popped his shoulder out of joint. He screamed and dropped to the ground. [Location 1962]


Then Dalton's men came along and shot her for hurting one of his actually loyal men.  When Mary Sue was riddled with more holes than Swiss Cheese, they just threw her body out back and took turns pissing on it.  The trash collectors wouldn't even touch it because she was such a disgusting mess, in both life and death, that nobody wanted to touch her.  Meanwhile, when news of her death reached a wider audience, the song 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead' was written.