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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

“But Jasper—”

“Isn’t as high on my priority list as you are” came her sharp reply. [Location 2045]


There you have it:  If your characters aren't interested in what's going on with the person they're trying to save, I'M not interested in how ~dire and crucial his situation is either.


You could have been killed today. You read my head about how I go running off and all that rubbish, but you always have to be the big hero.” [Location 2045]


Both of you are the worst and flattest characters because you're so stupid.  Your constant white knighting and Mary Sue's occasional vigilante-ism gets old as fuck real fucking quick.



I like how they both raise good points about each other, and ofc, I wonder again how a relationship would last beyond the honeymoon stage, but then they just start laughing at their childishness.  #lesign


Finley wiped at her eyes. “We’re a bloody fine pair, aren’t we?” “

We are.” And he meant it—more than he would ever admit. [Location 2063]



"It said, ‘I’m coming for you, Griffin King.’”[Location 2071]


Nobody in these books can ever be in any real danger, can they?  God, just once I wish someone would be put in a position that could really hurt them.