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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

His eyes narrowed. “Your loyalty is to me.”

Finley scoffed. She wasn’t certain if she was looking for a fight or to get herself kicked to the curb. “I’m just hired muscle to you, so don’t preach to me about trust and loyalty, Dalton.” [Location 2085; technically 51% but I don't wanna edit the post]


When you first joined him, you were crying about how he wasn't accepting you as loyal fast enough and for the sake of the ruse, you're supposed to be loyal to him.  IDKY this is happening tbh, the only reason Finley's in this situation isn't to find out what's going on with Jasper, it's so the author can show that many hot and dangerous men fawn over Finley.


The final piece of the machine was in a theater? Tricky, [Location 2102]




Once the door was closed behind her, she withdrew her pocket telegraph from a secret pouch sewn inside her corset. [Location 2111]


The same one that got smashed up in that laughable excuse for a fight with the Wildcat girl?


Yesterday she’d almost lost him, and now she couldn’t think of anything that mattered more than being with him. Worry about what people would think or say was stupid under those circumstances. [Location 2118]


/eyes roll out of head


Mei [...] looked like a porcelain doll [Location 2127]


Keep making it worse