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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

It was late afternoon before Griffin finally felt well enough to leave his bed. The Organites were doing their work [Location 2228]


Anyone with a working brain could see that none of the good guys in this series are ever in any danger of death.


He would advise Mr. Tesla to destroy the blasted thing. [Location 2236]


Tesla would laugh in his face.  This is science, dickbrain, if you wanna convince him, show him fucking proof.


For a moment he considered calling Sam for help, but he was not an invalid. [Location 2236]


Yeah, because only invalids need help.


“Finley mentioned something interesting last night,” the larger boy began, [Location 2250]


Considering she spent every moment we saw her with Griffin and all they talked about was their twu wuv, no, she didn't.


“Maybe we should check the schedule of events for the museum. Maybe that will give us an idea of what Dalton’s up to.” [Location 2258]


How long ago did Mary Sue steal those plans and they're just now going, "hmmt, maybe we should see what that's about?"