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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

He turned to the petite blonde with a forced smile. “Miss Astor-Prynn. Good afternoon. I trust this afternoon finds you well?” [Location 2293]


He hates her cause she's not Mary Sue.  LOL GET IT, SHE'S NOT SPECIAL LIKE MARY SUE!!!!


She rolled her bright blue eyes. “You would not believe the day I’ve had, Your Grace. First my maid—” she jerked her head toward the timid-looking little thing standing a few feet behind her “—ruined my favorite hair ribbons, and then Cook served the most dreadful luncheon, and my dressmaker had to cancel my appointment, because she was bitten by a spider and is under the weather. I swear, it is impossible to find good help these days.” [Location 2293]


This is supposed to make her evil?  Unlikeable?  She's a society woman, a young one, who's been raised to believe that she comes first, much like Griffin's upbringing considering he honestly believed he could march into New York city and demand they let his friend go.


Sweet Hades. Could she honestly be this shallow? Yes, he could see it in her face; she could. [Location 2293]




She was a pretty little thing, but something about her got under his skin and annoyed him—like a tick. [Location 2309]


Oh, fuck off.  He only has a bad feeling about her because she doesn't like Mary Sue.  This is just bad fanfic.


Then she offered her hand, and he was forced to take it in his own and kiss the air above her knuckles. It would have been rude of him not to. [Location 2317]


IDG what the point of these chapters and characters are.  These are literally only serving to go, "Mary Sue hates these girls and LOOK THEY'RE SO HATEABLE!!!  Mei's possibly evil and Lydia is just a rich bitch!  NOBODY likes these girls and everyone would rather enjoy Mary Sue's company!"


He said goodbye and turned toward his next visitor with a sigh of relief. He felt as though he had just been pulled out of the path of a runaway carriage. [Location 2317]


God, shut up.  Considering your birth and position, Mary Sue should be churning your guts while Lydia should be a kindred soul.