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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

“So that English girl running with Dalton’s gang is yours. [Location 2333]




If Finley belonged to anyone it was herself. [Location 2333]


Please, Mary Sue is so stupid.


“Then you know what kind of trouble your friend is in.”

“Is that all you wanted to talk to me about, Mr. Kirby?” Griffin was still sore and more than a little cranky, so he was done with this conversation. [Location 2342]


God, srsly?  This man has info that could help you and you wanna send him out the door so soon?


What did this man think, that he had nothing better to do than sit around chitchatting about girls all day? [Location 2342]


According to the text, your thoughts are filled with nothing but Mary Sue.


He didn’t care what kind of evidence the lawman had. He refused to believe the young man he knew would kill someone in cold blood. [Location 2342]


Lucille Bluth: "Nonsense, you're coming home guilty or somehow found not guilty."


Perhaps he decided to trust Griffin, just as Griffin was prepared to trust him. [Location 2350]


Um, Griffin basically sat there and hemmed and hawed and attempted to NOT share information with Kirby or share as little as possible even tho the man made it clear he was a policeman.


Chapter 11

Finley [Location 2357]


Aw, nuts.  =/  It was so nice not having to see Mary Sue in the story.


Jasper and the others weren’t back yet, [Location 2357]


It's be nice to know from fucking what.  The book doesn't say shit tho, it's just like, yeah, he's gone somewhere.


she’d rather swallow live leeches than spend any more time than she had to with that girl. [Location 2357]


The feeling is mutual.  Quite frankly, I'D rather cut my legs off in a shark tank than read about Mary Sue.


supple leather corset over the top, [Location 2363]


Not a corset, author.