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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

“Where did you go?” she asked, [Location 2373]


Dalton fired a man because it was his word, a word that was working for him for YEARS before you came along, versus you literally running off after hurting him and you couldn't ask him where Jasper went?


“You need to tell him we’re going to the Olympia tomorrow night, too.” [Location 2381]


What a coincidence, that's the same theater Lydia invited Griffin to!  And, ofc, by coincidence, I mean the author CBA to make it so another theater was also doing something.


and then she’d have hundreds of pounds of sand to clean up. [Location 2389]


Please, Mary Sue has never had to do anything for herself.


Jasper smiled. “The two of you are like a twister colliding with a mountain.”

There was no need to ask which one of the two she was, Finley thought with a smile. [Location 2398]


The two of you are like a twister.  So you aren't either one, you are the twister, same as Griffin.


And I’m not certain I like being accused of enjoying a life of crime.” [Location 2406]


Considering that you told Griffin one of the reasons you enjoyed breaking and entering was that it gave you an adrenaline rush woke up your dark side, YES, you do.


“It is. I’ve seen him kill a man just to make a point. [Location 2406]


Please let him kill Finley.  Make a point to me