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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

“Why would you do that to someone smaller and weaker than you?”

Instantly defensive, Finley braced her hands on her hips. “She might be small, but there’s nothing weak about her. [Location 2416]


Stop it, stop right the fuck there.  You even acknowledged when she slapped you that it would've been wrong to hit her back because she wasn't as strong as you.


DNW tho, I'm sure Jasper will think Finley is right and suddenly become suspicious, without actual reason, of Mei.


“She came into my room being a proper bitch. When I returned the sentiment, she hit me, and she then made me think that collar of hers was trying to choke her. [Location 2425]


Just ugh, she's even saying what she did was disproportionate retribution.


“She’s had a hard life. When I found her, a man named Venton had been trying to force her into prostitution. She and her family hadn’t been in the States long, and they were scared. Mei was so brave. I took her to Donaldina Cameron— she rescues and educates Chinese girls.”

That banked Finley’s anger a little bit. She had been attacked by the son of her previous employer, [Location 2433]


FUCK ALL THE WAY OFF AGAIN, BOOK.  Finley being attacked by an employer is NOTHING like being kidnapped from China and being forced into prostitution.


Mei had. Mei had killed the man who tried to force her into prostitution. No doubt he would have raped her first— men like that tended to be monsters through and through.

Blast it all, but this revelation did a lot to make her feel for Mei. [Location 2450]

Um, POV change anyone or?