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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

OFC now Dalton is flirting with Mary Sue because nobody can really resist her.


She wasn’t sure where that had come from, but it sounded good. [Location 2508]


Sounds like those people who put themselves under their quote section on Facebook tbh.


she was extraordinary. But then again, so was Wildcat McGuire. So was Emily.

So was Mei.


Look at Mei. She’s a tiny little thing, yet she holds so much power over Jasper. [Location 2516]


1.) ofc Sue was extrordinary

2.) ofc Mei doesn't actually hold any real power, she just has a vagina and a pretty face, but those make her a bitch rather than an actual threat.


“Do you know that he took the blame for a murder for her?”

“No,” she lied. [Location 2524]

No, that's not a lie.  Jasper didn't tell you shit, somehow the POV switched in the middle of the scene and we saw Jasper's thought, either that or you can throw another log on the Mary Sue powers fire because she's somehow psychic now.


Angels had to weep at the sight of his face. [Location 2524]


Jace, is that you?


Finley smiled back. Oh, she had missed her calling. She should have been an actress. [Location 2541]


I'm dying at this fanfic.  XD  Stop.


She’d stood there and watched them kiss without making a sound. Spied on them—purposefully. There was only one reason a girl did that sort of thing.

Was Mei in love with Dalton? [Locaton 2541]


Or, since all the book before this has stated, Dalton gives Mei her freedom about the house but does not like her being with Jasper.  She could be coming back so he doesn't think she's trying to escape or coming back to tell him something or coming back because he wanted to talk to her after she escorted Jasper back to his room.


But, no, the actual reason is that Mei hates Mary Sue for catching the eye of the actual guy she's in love with, and that's why she's such a bitch.  There wouldn't be any drama if Mei had spied on them to take the info back to Jasper and tell him that it looked like Mary Sue was on Dalton's side after all.