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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross


Oddly enough, it was unlocked for the first time since his arrival. This would be the perfect time to make a run for it, [Location 2885]

Yet he doesn't, because he's a genius.


The only difference was that Mei had done it in selfdefense and Dalton was just a monster. [Location 2893]


The book loves to throw that around but never show it.


“What happened? Did he insult your waistcoat?” [Location 2893]


He just killed a man and the only thing you can think to do is insult him?


If he hadn’t given Finley the schematic, this man would still be alive. [Location 2900]


DNW, there's no need to feel guilty over the death of some man.  I mean, he didn't even have an opinion on Mary Sue!  How much good could he actually be?


Nikola Tesla was not known for being particularly gregarious, [Location 2909]


Your RP fanfic version of him has been foaming at the mouth to spend time with Emily.



Then he seemed to remember his company and begged their pardon. [Location 2917]


Considering Griffin's regard for manners in polite society, I doubt he cares.  If he does, well, that's his problem because he was a dick to Lydia and her mom.


He was given an exasperated look by Emily. “He means that it makes it possible for matter to be displaced. Is that correct, sir?” [Location 2926]


I'm sure 16 year old Emily understands.


The machine would allow Dalton to walk into any vault he wanted. Locks would no longer be a problem. [Location 2926]


LETDOWN!  God, it made it seem like this shit was gonna wreck all kinds of havoc on a city, but now it just makes walls go away.  =/  Letdown.


“But you say the device has been dismantled?”

Griffin nodded. “Yes. Into several sections.” [Location 2935]


Three, and not anymore.  Ofc I'm willing to bet Mary Sue didn't mention that.


Tea abroad never tasted as good as what he had at home, even if it was the exact same tea. [Location 2943]


Britain, fuck yeah!  Except for when it counts...



She was the only one who could tell them if Dalton knew how to use the machine. [Location 2951]

Jasper, but I fucking know he doesn't count at this point.


I don't care how fucking ~special Griffin's abilities make him, he's a dumb ass and I'm tired of hearing about how special Mary Sue is from him. God, it looks like this percent is gonna be RPFF!Tesla worshipping Griffin's Aether abilities, which he admits he doesn't know how to use if it's dramatic.


Basically, that to the best of his knowledge, he was the only being or thing on the planet capable of such destruction— [Location 2983]


Gary Stu powers activate!  Form of a DUUUUUUUKE


Meanwhile, he knew in the back of his mind that if Tesla ever did succeed in creating such a machine, he would personally hunt it down and destroy it. [Location 2983]


Then RPFFTesla would sue his ass off, Aether or not, DUUUUUKE or not, because that was his fucking property.


“The device was designed to be operated up close or at a distance. Your criminal will not need to have it on his person to use it.”

Griffin clenched his jaw. Nothing had been easy during this trip. [Location 2983]





At the moment, Finley wasn’t locked up on either floor. [Location 2992]


And the man who scouted Kirby's building for info just conveniently missed that Mary Sue wasn't locked up while he was taking count of how many people were in the house.


For an old man, he wasn’t bad looking. He had to be at least thirty. [Location 3000]


Society, but only when it comes in useful.


She made a scoffing noise. “He won’t come for me.” [Location 3000]


He wants to fuck you so bad he fired a man from his VERY LIMITED guard for being mad at you.  But yeah, sure, he won't come.


If she had doubted him before, she didn’t anymore. [Location 3009]




Griffin didn’t waste any time. “Where is she?” [Location 3026]


ofc not, but he wouldn't do the same thing for Jasper, which speaks volumes.



Her long honey-blond hair hung in a tangled mess around her shoulders, the black stripe a dark contrast. [Location 3035]


I haven't kept a count on this, nor said much about it before, but in every POV not Mary Sue's, everyone will describe her hair and gaze as honey, which is a stark contrast with the cover of the first book, which has a brunette woman on it.


“You lot shouldn’t be here. Dalton might be watching.” [Location 3043]


BAW HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAH NOBODY has given a shit about keeping up that charade and now they want to?


No turning back now, he thought, and he hugged her. [Location 3051]


I can't muster up a fuck.


How much do you wanna bet that he won't be nearly as happy to get Jasper back?


If the marshal had revealed this earlier, it would have kept them from doubting him. [Location 3059]


Considering last night Mary Sue threatened to break his arm rather than tell him that she knew he was after Dalton and to let Dalton do the thing that would let Kirby arrest, I don't blame him for withholding info.



“You’ve been something of a celebrity since your arrival. Do you know of any highfalutin shindigs coming up?” [Location 3076]


I guarantee you Americans do not give this much of a fuck about a rude DUUUUUKE who wants to fuck his friend.


“Isn’t that where they’re displaying that rare diamond that’s come to town? It’s an odd color or something. That Astor-Prynn gent’s in charge.”

Griffin froze. He had received an invitation to the event, but he hadn’t opened it, because attending would mean spending more time with Lydia. If he had opened it, he would have seen the location. [Location 3076]


Because the book has to hammer in, again, how undesirable Lydia's company is.


Once Dalton was gone, Finley would come back.

He really wanted her back. [Location 3085]



Finley told them about the barbaric collar the outlaw made Mei wear [Location 3085]


The same one she threatened to set off to choke her, before she hung her out the window by her hair.  Seems like Dalton isn't the only barbaric one.


“Mei and I can’t stand each other,” she admitted, “but I don’t blame her for plugging that fellow full of holes. I’d have done the same myself.” A shadow seemed to pass over her face, and Griffin wondered if she was thinking about what she had done to the son of her last employer when the young man attacked her.

“Me, too,” Emily agreed. [Location 3094]


Probably because you continuously pushed Mei's buttons and accused her of hating you when she saw you walk in a room.


Stop laying on the Emily foreshadowing so thick, ffs.


He wouldn’t expect Griffin to have come for Finley. [Location 3102]


And even when he does catch on, Mary Sue will spin some unbelievable lie about how she was just seducing him of something.


The wall rippled. [Location 3102]


What?  That device we just found out about is being put into play by a man who would gladly use it?!!?


It was a huge man Griffin recognized as one of Dalton’s men. Right behind him came another, then Jasper, then Dalton. [Location 3110]


The other unnamed man couldn't even be arsed to show up.  XD  Flop ass criminal.



He shook his head ever so slightly, telling her not to give herself away. [Location 3118]


Should've worried about that sooner tbh.


Dalton might just as easily shoot her [Location 3118]


Let us pray.


He’d been shot in the chest. [Location 3134]


He had his chest, and I quote, "perforated" earlier in the book and lived.  IDRC, he's not in any danger; none of them ever are.