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The Dark Discovery Of Jack Dandy (The Steampunk Chronicles) - Kady Cross

“Good gracious, don’t you know anything?” This wasn’t said with much sting; still...it stung. “Use the servants’ entrance around back.”

Jack’s back straightened. By blood, he was this woman’s social superior.


“No,” he said, very calmly. He gazed directly into the glass—could almost imagine the woman’s slack jaw. “I will not go around to the servants’ entrance, for I am not a servant. I am an invited guest of your employer, and you can either open this bloody door or explain to him why the meeting he requested was delayed—by you.”


OFC.  Goodbye, being able to like Jack Dandy.


Holy FUCK, why can none of these characters just abide by the rules of the time.  IDC IF HE WAS OFFENDED, FFS.