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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

In truth he was more like a sleeping rattlesnake. There was just as much chance that Dalton would leave you alone as there was that he’d kill you—and with very little thought to, either.


And yet still he refuses to attempt to appease the people currently beating him up and threatening him and continues to be a smart ass.



The smile vanished. Finally the rattler revealed himself. “Sit.”


If the Stock Crime Lord #244 is getting this upset about some sass, he's not as much of a "sleeping rattlesnake" would have us believe.


Plus, he had Jasper picked up and bodily brought to him when Jasper attempted to refuse, did he really think he was just gonna be like, "lol, no probs, guv!  Stand, my mistake, free country and all that!"?