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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

A handful of bellmen and young boys eager to make a few cents came forward to carry luggage and belongings. Griffin noticed with a smile that none of them tried to take possession of Emily’s cat—a mechanical life-size panther. They all gasped when she powered it up and it came to life, stretching like the real thing, digging dagger-sharp claws into the sidewalk.

“Don’t fret, gents,” she chirped in her soft Irish brogue. “She’s no danger.” Not unless one of them tried to hurt Emily.


God.  It's like characters have common sense but have to carry the Idiot Ball for the plot and Rule of Cool-ness' sake.


I'm VERY sure that unless there are special circumstances, you can't bring a "life-size panther", mechanical or no, into a hotel.  What are the exact circumstances that Emily has to be in for the panther to attack her attacker?  If someone accidentally bumps her and she falls over, does that constitute an attack?  What if there's a malfunction I can only pray and it goes haywire and kills Finley and then gets loose?


God, why does everyone have to be so dumb?  Leave your goddamn panther at home, especially since the paragraph mentions that Emily has Sam for protection.