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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

His former friend grinned. Jasper reckoned even Satan never looked so diabolical.


As much as I'd love to hop on board with a clear villain in this book, the text just continually says, "Dalton's such a bad man, holy shit, he's worse than the devil!  God, you guy, he's just so terrible!!" without showing (or telling, which I'm usually adamantly against to show you how desperate I am for any reason to believe anyone) any reason to believe this.  So far he's taken Jasper hostage after he reneged on a deal they made for a device and then captured his girlfriend (who, watch, will be in on Dalton's plans) to force Jasper's hand.  Yeah, he's threatened to kill Mei, but so does every villain ever, damn.