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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

Where’s the rest of it?”

Jasper shook his head. “The only guarantee I have that you won’t hurt Mei is the fact that I’m the only one who knows where the pieces are.”

Dalton leaned forward, all traces of goodwill gone from his features. “I could kill her just for spite.”

The thought made Jasper’s stomach turn over on itself. “You could, but then you’d never get your gadget back.”

“I could make you tell me.”

“No,” Jasper assured him. “You couldn’t.” Because Dalton would be dead if he hurt Mei.

Dalton opened his mouth, but Jasper cut him off. “There’s no negotiating to be done. I get your machine back, and you let me, Mei and my family alone. Give me your word or shoot me now.” His heart punched hard against his ribs as he waited for his former friend, now his enemy, to respond.

“Fine.” Dalton offered his hand.


God, Dalton might not have ever been shown to be evil, but he is hella stupid.


1.) Why are you letting him do this?  You send a man out to get the pieces and keep Jasper there.  For the hell of it, beat him, every day, gradually worsening the beatings.


2.) Tighten Mei's collar every so often.  Out of spite.


3.) You could also explain that, hey, remember the way I found out that that DUKE you were chummy with was in town?  Remember how I have people ready to kill or srsly maim your family on hand?  You will do what I tell you or they will pay your price.  If he doesn't believe you, do what you said you would.


4.) Shoot him, but in a nonfatal area.  Let him know you mean fucking business.


Everyone is so stupid so that the plot can advance.