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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

He had been perfectly awful to her last night. Worse, he’d hurt her feelings when he told her that he wouldn’t fight for her affection. Why ever not? Isn’t that what heroes did when faced with the notion of losing their heroine?

She’d fight for him. Wouldn’t she? Honestly, she didn’t know. She would never stand by and allow someone to hurt him, but to fight for his affection ... Well, once again she needed to remind herself that nothing could come of a relationship between the two of them. She could argue against it until she was blue in the face, but the simple fact remained that she liked him—enough that she had taken to researching for information on couples from different social spheres. Cinderella and her prince didn’t count, but that story had started somewhere and gave hope to every poor little girl who had ever heard it.

1.) OMG, I can't.  Seriously?  He won't fight for you because if someone needs to fight for space in your life and your attention, it's clear they wouldn't actually do the same for you.


2.) We'll never actually know if you'd fight for Griffin's time / attention because he isn't the Mary Sue heroine of this series, is he?  More than likely, irl, you would also be enraged if someone kept leading you on, only to go see their side piece and have said piece send them gifts.  YOU WOULDN'T LIKE IT; STOP PRETENDING LIKE GRIFFIN HAS TO BE OKAY WITH IT.


3.) She can research all she wants, but even today a "commoner" can't marry someone of high standing.  More than likely his parents, if they were alive, would not allow the match (dnw I'm sure Finley would just beat the shit outta them, charming Griffin in the process), preferring someone of equal station. 


4.) I understand that the author is talking about "giv[ing] hope to every poor little girl" but only in stories do you hear about a prince find a fine ass poor girl who washes floors and deciding to marry her.