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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

She knew he couldn’t come to her, couldn’t show any emotion because of Dalton, but she would have liked to see a little anger in his gaze, perhaps a little pride. She’d done good.


I keep wondering how the fuck this relationship is supposed to work long term.  Unless they're fuck buddies, Finley has blatantly disregarded every piece of advice Griffin has ever given her and completely abused his hospitality by screaming in his face, as was COMPLETELY inappropriate for the times, "INDEPENDENT WOMAN!!!"


Every time she says something about how Griffin should be proud of her, I think "why?"  Literally every time she's done the thing she wants Griffin to be proud of, it's because she's ignored any warnings or things Griffin has said to her.  She wants him to be proud of her for breaking his rules and proving him wrong.


But, ofc, being a YA book, their love it is the truest of the true and they will be together no matter how many times Finley flies in the face of the times and ignored Griffin's requests and Griffin won't actually be mad she puts herself and by extension the group in danger by being a dumbass, he'll think she's ~quirky and cute~ and has a  mind of her own.


God, I HATE Finley.