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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

“Hasn’t Dalton ever heard of steam engines?” Finley asked, eyeing the archaic mode of transport. [Location 1682]


Or, he could just like being inconspicuous.  You yourself said that someone sending mechanical horses for Griffin last night was the mark of a rich and powerful person.


Even a man his size couldn’t survive an attack by an entire gang. [Location 1691]


But Finley can!  Mary Sue powers, ACTIVATE!


Finley regarded him with an arched brow. “You simply cannot help that tongue of yours, can you?” [Location 1691]


You have a lot of nerve trying this shit considering how you did nothing but talk shit to Griffin and literally any other person you run across.  Do you not remember when you threatened to kill Dalton to his face?


He felt guilty thinking of the pretty little red-haired girl when he ought to be thinking of Mei. [Location 1707]


This is the summation of literally every love triangle in this series.  Jasper claims to love Mei but can't stop thinking about Emily; Emily claims to be all about Sam but is jealous that Jasper is paying attention to Mei; meanwhile Jack loves Mila (which is a totes creepy relationship) but is obsessed with Finley; and Finley likes Jack back but claims to be in love with Griffin.


I cannot care less in the meantime.


The giant was too stupid to realize that Finley could snap his neck like a chicken bone, and even she was no match for the whole neighborhood. [Location 1715]


THEN WHY TF DOESN'T SHE?  Goddamn, the stupidity.


Also, I'm sure the neighborhood would give her no problem at all.  She'll just activate her Mary Sue strength and heightened sense abilities and kill everyone.


Finley followed him silently, but he noticed how her amber gaze took in their surroundings, not missing anything. [Location 1715]


NVM, her Mary Sue powers are already activating.  I swear to God if she gets photographic memory on top of everything else I will go to TV Tropes rn and tag her as a Mary Sue.