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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

If there was anyone he’d want at his back going into a situation like this, it was her. [Location 1723]


Earlier though, he said that he didn't know whether he had to protect Finley from Dalton or Dalton from Finley, implying betrayal...


Wildcat turned her attention to Finley. “I know you. You’re the one that was here with the Irish witch.” [Location 1739]


Again, nobody will ever figure out that Finley, who was seen with Emily, who had the massive cat and who was also getting out of the carriage with Griffin, who Dalton is suspicious of.  PERFECT CRIME!


Finley’s eyes widened. “Are you telling me we have to fight? All of them?” She gestured at the gang standing in the street behind Wildcat. [Location 1748]


OMF I was right!  HAHAHAHHAH, Mary Sue powers activate!  Form of an army!