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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

Finley took on Wildcat and anyone else she could between blows. Jasper was able to use his speed and agility against the others, [Location 1765]


ofc they would have no trouble taking on an army.


Finley grabbed Wildcat by the throat and shoved her up against the side of the house [Location 1773]


ofc you can't let Finley lose.


Why the hell has this portion of the chapter gone from Jasper's POV to Finley's?  I can't even pinpoint when it happened...


“No thanks necessary. Just make sure whatever that thing is, it never finds its way back into my neighborhood again. Same goes for you. Am I understood?”


Finley noticed that he hadn’t agreed to her terms, [Location 1798]


Uh... that was agreeing, dumb ass.


Would it have hurt the lummox to help them out in the fight? So what if Jasper had told him to stay put? [Location 1798]


"God, can't he read our minds and do what we think he should be doing not what we tell him to do?  Never mind the fact that multiple times I've pointed out he likes sticking to one set of orders!"