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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

(I can't believe I'm srsly reading real person fan fic of Tesla being -floored- by Emily's inventions...)


He already had Finley committing crimes against the upper classes. [Location 1856]


No, you didn't.  Mary Sue continuously ran out on you and sassed you back when you tried to talk to her about letting you in on her plans, then you lost control of you ... ahem, "scientific" ~*Aether*~ power and Emily dropped you off at the Statue of Liberty, where you could flare up the torch.  The next morning, you acted like you completely forgave Mary Sue for disregarding and disobeying every word you uttered and Mary Sue just smiled and talked about how right she was.


What if she decided her life was going to be one of crime, rather than with Griffin? [Location 1856]


Wait, so there's a Tesla convo in the bg where he's jizzing himself silly over Emily's inventions, but Griffin is STILL taking time of of the story to cry about how he doesn't think Mary Sue loves him?


Instead of helping his friends—a matter which appeared to be out of his hands—Griffin was forced to act the aristocrat and visit scientists who could benefit from his patronage. [Location 1856]


You mean to fucking tell me people in the past, in positions of power, had certain jobs to do?!??!??!!?  WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!


Sorry, author; you don't get to keep throwing around that DUKE title like it's free.


Emily and the Serbian [Location 1864]


He clearly has a name.  What the hell is up with this book and monikers?


That was why he had Emily lock all of her plans and diagrams in a fireproof cabinet in her laboratory beneath his London mansion. [Location 1872]


Ugh, I'm not even gonna go into this bullshit.


Would his friend ever accept the fact that he was part machine? [Location 1872]


Yeah, asshole, get over the fact that you died and nearly 90% of you is now machine even though you can't stand it and would've stayed dead.  Why are you still angsting, idiot?  You don't even have real problems, like thinking about the girl you like more than the guy you came here to save!