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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

“She’s a good friend,” Griffin replied. [Location 2258]


Why are you trying to play up this, book?  The characters don't believe it.


Griffin was much more comfortable with that than discussing Finley [Location 2267]


Quite frankly any time she's not in the story is beautiful.  This reads like someone shoe horned their Mary Sue OC in a story and made everything revolve around her and her unlimited powers.


She respects his mind, Sam. And he’s impressed by hers—that’s all. [Location 2275]


No, he doesn't.  I can't believe the author would even pretend that Tesla, a germaphobe, would be glad to talk to an unknown girl about dirt and shit.


Thankfully, Sam did not remind him of how many society marriages joined an older man with a much younger lady. [Location 2284]


God, why does this book only remember society when it wants to bring up a point about something?  It could easily be set in the present day and have someone insert trivia about olden times.