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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

The two of them were convinced he was in love with Finley and she with him.

He didn’t know if he was—and he’d never dare guess at her feelings. He had to admit to himself that it had been nice to wake up and see her face. To know she’d dropped everything else to be—literally—by his side.

Take that, Dandy, he thought smugly. [Location 2588]


Yeah, I'm sure you aren't sitting around all day thinking of Mary Sue.


Also, mein Gott, I don't fucking CARE about this rivalry because I don't care for Mary Sue.


He’d wager Mrs. Astor-Prynn would know—and gladly tell him, especially if she thought she could throw her daughter at him in the process. [Location 2597]


I hate every single time this book brings up Lydia because all it wants to do is shit all over her.


So he’d listened to his friends’ concerns and brought along a walking stick Emily had made for him. It doubled as a club, had a sword hidden inside it and emitted a gas that would put any attackers to sleep when sprayed directly in the face. [Location 2597]


God, even the items are Mary Sues.


To make his little band of “strays” —as his aunt Cordelia sometimes called them—as strong as possible. [Location 2605]


Considering that the book's universe calls them "Finley Jayne and her [brace yourself here] Straynge Band of Mysfits" yeah, your strays.


He had intentionally walked in the direction of Reno Dalton’s house. [Location 2613]


You are literally on the man's watch list already for ASKING about Jasper...


which, wait, doesn't even make sense I've just realized.  He never NAMED Jasper at the jail.


Ugh, God, why am I asking this book to make sense.


Anyway, asking about Jasper and now you're gonna hang around Dalton's house cause you miss Mary Sue?