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The Dark Discovery Of Jack Dandy (The Steampunk Chronicles) - Kady Cross

Finley Jayne. The thought of her made him smile. For a moment he entertained romantic thoughts of her, but she deserved better than a debauched cretin such as himself. Tough as she was, his Treasure needed someone strong enough to look after her. Jack was strong enough for the task; he just hadn’t the heart for it.


Why is this idiot the be-all-end-all of women in this book?  The only man in the series that hasn't thought of her romantically is Sam, but I'm sure at some point he'll do so.  She can't be Mary Sue if most of the boys like her, it has to be all.


And, if he admitted it, she was the closest to love he’d ever come.

See, the "the bad boy who doesn't love anyone loves her" trope in play?