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Ruby Red (The Ruby Red Trilogy) - Kerstin Gier

I love this so far, but damn do I wish people would start telling Gwyn things.  I get that after the whole Lucy incident they wanna be more careful about who they tell things to and allow in, but Gwyn is quite clearly the Ruby and they need her, plus she was out of the loop on things for so long because her mother faked her birth certificate and she was never considered to have the gene nor trained in case she did.


Also, I really need more info on Saint-Germain.  I understand that he's the bad guy and he (telepathically) choked and threatened Gwyn at their first meeting, but I don't get why.  I also don't get why Gwyn didn't tell Gideon or any of the others about it.  If Lucy ran off with the first Chronograph because Saint-Germain was giving her bad vibes, if Gwyn brought up, "btw, he choked and threatened me," wouldn't they have to start realizing that maybe he isn't the savior they believe him to be?